jPdf Tweak - Swiss Army Knife for PDF files



jPDF Tweak is a Java Swing application that can combine, split, rotate, reorder, watermark, encrypt, sign, and otherwise tweak PDF files.

You can use it to make printable booklets from your PDFs, to add PDF bookmarks, effects (page transitions), to combine multiple PDF files, to watermark them, to rotate pages that do not fit, to attach files to your PDF, to encrypt and sign your PDFs, to change metadata (like author or keywords), and much more.

You might want to have a look at the manual.

jPDF Tweak uses the excellent iText library for manipulating PDF files, and JGoodies Forms for the GUI.


jPDF Tweak requires Java 5 or higher. You can download it from Oracle.

There are two platform independent binary versions available, a compact one and a normal one. The compact one uses an obfuscator to make the application smaller. So, the compact one has the same features as the normal one. Only if you have problems using the compact one for a task, or if you want to report a bug, try the normal one. The normal version produces better error messages, and - of course - the obfuscator might have bugs as well. If you want to download the libraries separately, there is another version without libraries available (it won't work without libraries).

In addition, there are platform dependent binary versions available for Windows (x86/x64) and Linux (x86/x64); these bundle native JMuPdf libraries so that you can use the image export features out of the box.

Binary download, compact version (Version 1.1, 783 KB)

Binary download, normal version (Version 1.1, 3904 KB)

Binary download, Windows x86 version (Version 1.1, 7120 KB)

Binary download, Windows x64 version (Version 1.1, 7135 KB)

Binary download, Linux x86 version (Version 1.1, 7216 KB)

Binary download, Linux x64 version (Version 1.1, 7256 KB)

Download without libraries (Version 1.1, 254 KB, you will need the libraries from somewhere else)

Source download (Version 1.1, 201 KB)

Sourceforge project page

is located here.


You can get the latest source code (and check in your additions if you are a developer) from subversion.

Anonymous access: Use
svn co jpdftweak
to check out the latest version. You can also use GUI programs like TortoiseSVN (Explorer plugin).

Developer access: Contact me so that I can add you to this project. You will need a account for this. Or submit your changes by e-mail; then I will commit them (In the latter case please make sure that your From address is replyable, in case of any questions. If my answer bounces, I will not commit your patch!).

You can also browse the repository.

Contact me

You can send suggestions and bug reports to my sourceforge e-mail address.

Have fun!

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